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Attack and Defense (Elementary Go Series Vol. 5) by Ishida Akira, James Davies

By Ishida Akira, James Davies

The authors lay down a couple of transparent rules, then struggle through a wealth of examples and difficulties from specialist play, providing you with an intensive snatch of ways to settle on method, the best way to execute dual-purpose assaults, the right way to strength your opponent into submission or cooperation, tips on how to invade and decrease territorial frameworks, and while to struggle a ko.

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1. A typical example is this knight's attack, which was made against the Japanese author during a televised game. Black is aiming to drive White toward the upper side.

White's standard reply is 1. Black jumps back to 2, and now what can White do for eyes? White a, Black b would get him nowhere. White b, Black c, White a would be better, but he can still make no more than one eye on the edge. He must therefore turn toward the center with 3. The reader may be wondering if White does not have a stronger reply than 1 in Dia. 3, but as the stones sit, he does not. Dia. 4. (next page) The placement at 1 is conceivable, but doubtful, because after 3 and 5 White cannot live unconditionally at the side and Black gets to play 6.

2 and Dia. 3 are splendid results for White. One should not conclude, however, that 46 all cuts are good. If you cut off something that the enemy can afford to give up, the cut may actually be counter-productive, helping him to strengthen his position. Dia. 4. A white cut here, for instance, would be atrocious. The two stones White cuts off get captured all right, but the capture is not very big, and Black 2, 4, and 6 do wonders for Black's position as a whole. If you are going to cut small like this, you had better not cut at all.

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