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Challenging IQ Tests by Philip J. Carter

By Philip J. Carter

Do you dare realize how shrewdpermanent you really are? if this is the case, attempt those twenty treacherous assessments and notice the way you ranking! each one quiz has 20 difficulties that gauge psychological flexibility and breadth of information. Take an hour to discover synonyms, make logical comparisons, whole equations, and tease out numerical progressions.

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94 Orienteering Two orienteering competitors Peter and Ada arrived at control A together but left it in opposite directions in their search for control B. Peter headed due south for 150 metres before heading due east, where he found control B after running a further 600 metres. Ada meanwhile started out in a northerly direction before changing to a bearing which took her straight to B. Interestingly both competitors had covered the same distance in their routes from A to B. How far north did Ada run before changing direction?

47 Surprise, surprise! Take any 3-digit number and use your calculator to multiply it by 13. Now multiply the product by 7, and the new product formed by 11. What do you find? Can you explain your findings? 23 48 A kind of magic Choose any number from the array, say 39. Now choose a second number not in the same row or column as the first, 13 say 24. Next choose a third number in a different row or column from those already chosen, say 10. Choose a fourth number, again in a different row or column from (24) those already chosen, say 8.

The bikers assembled at Suziwich, where they were given the above map and challenged to find the shortest route which would take them along all the roads shown, at least once, and end up at their favourite restaurant. The numbers on the map represent the distances between towns in miles. What is the shortest distance anyone could travel to satisfy the conditions, and where is the biker's favourite restaurant? 52 Count the spots A set of dominoes consists of rectangular tiles each carrying two numbers from 0, 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6 represented by patterns of spots.

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