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Cognitive Processes of Nonhuman Primates by Leonard E. Jarrard

By Leonard E. Jarrard

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Solid line: inferotemporal plus hippocampal lesion group. L. W E I S K R A N T Z 32 approximately 2 hr. A l t h o u g h admittedly the time constants were far outside what w o u l d be expected f r o m human w o r k o n verbal S T M , the results at least went in the right direction f o r supporting a hypothesis o f faulty L T M . But w h e n we considered the results in greater detail, w e realized that the conventional savings measure as used t y p i c a l l y in animal w o r k is an impure and possibly quite misleading measure (Weiskrantz, 1968b).

Kimble, and Elizabeth Warrington f o r their helpful comments. 44 L. W E I S K R A N T Z REFERENCES Baddeley, A . D. & Warrington, Ε . K. Amnesia and the distinction between long and shortterm memory. Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior, 1970, 9, 176-189. Butler, C . R. Is there a memory impairment in monkeys after inferior temporal lesions? Brain Research, 1969, 13, 383-396. Butter, C. , & R o s v o l d , Η . E . Stimulus generalization in monkeys w i t h inferotemporal and lateral occipital lesions.

Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology, 1963, 56, 225-231. , & Warrington, Ε . K. A study o f forgetting in amnesic patients. Neuropsychologia, 1970, 8, 281-288. , & Warrington, Ε. K. Verbal learning and retention b y amnesic patients using partial information. Psychonomic Science, 1970, 20, 210-211. (b) Williams, M. Investigation o f amnesic defects b y progressive prompting. Journal logy, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 1953, 16, 14-18. ," can be expressed in terms o f t w o parallel lists.

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