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Combat Shield and Mini-Adventure (AD&D Fantasy Roleplaying, by Tim Kilpin, Anne C. Gray

By Tim Kilpin, Anne C. Gray

The entire tables you would like are integrated in this convenient 3-panel display: monster hit rolls, saving throws, armor type, variable weapon harm, and a number of other others. adventure tables for every personality category also are given. The strive against safeguard additionally comes with a professional video game mini-adventure: "The Treasure of the Hideous One."

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First flip this structure over and you will notice the corners at the back. Stick the corners in place so that the combination does not get disturbed. Flip it over again and combine the eight corners as usual pushing a pin through them. Finally push the pin through the centre. Slide a bead and push the pin into a stick. You can make two squares of two different colours to make this spinner look more attractive (fig- 4). I w o u l d n o w l i k e to provide s o m e food for you brains! Do you think it possible to make a spinner of 12 blades from 3 squares?

Children learn by doing things themselves. Activities such as these enhance their creativity, craftsmanship and confidence.

Place it onto a pointed stick and start running. The spinner spins elegantly. You m a y also release it from height and enjoy its free spinning. T h i s spinner does not need any specific type of paper, and can be made easily a n d g i v e n to the y o u n g c h i l d r e n , as an a s s u r e d entertainment. Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 • •• Fun with Papers / 31 Spinner with four blades It is the same spinner that you c a n b u y at a r o a d s i d e hawker. Cut a perfect square from stiff paper of size 15 cm.

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