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Cross-cultural consumption : global markets, local realities by David Howes

By David Howes

What does an American fridge suggest within the Solomon Islands?Cross-Cultural intake is an engaging consultant to the cultural implications of the globalization of a shopper society.

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The cafés are filled with people stirring sugar in their coffee, drinking soft drinks, eating ice cream. The stores are full of people consuming the metaphorical sweetness of VCRs, designer jeans, motorcycles, and other delicacies of consumer culture. After decades of political trauma and financial insecurity the large professional class of the Northwest wants all the material comforts that a stable economy and low-priced imports can give it. Argentine folklore dictates that if you keep a package of sugar in your purse you will never run out of money, for money is sweet in Argentina—dulce plata.

Hunt 1990), most of whom started sewing schools almost at once (Moffat 1842:505); these also served as a focus for the exertions of female philanthropists in Britain, who sent pincushions and needles with which to stitch the seams of an expanding imperial fabric. Recall that, in pre-colonial times, clothing was made of leather; an extension of animal husbandry, it was produced by men. It is not surprising, then, that sewing schools had limited appeal at first. In the early years, moreover, there was no regular supply of materials.

5 Some linen goods seem to have found their way to northern Tswana peoples from the east coast in the early nineteenth century, probably via Arab traders. Willoughby, ‘Clothes’ (Unfiled Notes, Box 14). Willoughby, ‘Clothes’ (Unfiled Notes, Box 14). : Chapter 5). : Chapter 5). ) and ‘School’ communities of the Xhosa, described by Mayer in the mid-twentieth century (Mayer 1961:24 ff). 38 2 SUGAR CANE, COCA-COLA AND HYPERMARKETS Consumption and surrealism in the Argentine Northwest Constance Classen Northwestern Argentina is a potent blend of cultures, histories and geographies, of Andean civilization with European, of arid highlands with fertile lowlands, of sugar-cane fields with soft drink plants.

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